God made you creative! Discover, develop and express the gifts God has given you through training at the Bethany School of Music and Arts (BSMA).

We are thrilled with the prospect of contributing to your education and enjoyment of music and the arts.  Whether it’s music, dance or visual arts, the BSMA is committed to high-quality instruction in an encouraging environment.  We welcome you to come discover, develop and express the gifts God has given you through training with us. We look forward to the pleasure of joining you and/or your child for a year of artistic growth!

Lessons in music, dance and visual arts run from September to June for ALL ages.

Our Values:

We Want our Students to…

  1. Be aware of their strengths and weaknesses
  2. Feel safe and at home in their lessons.
  3. Be able to critique and accept peer criticism in their field of study
  4. Have a well-rounded understanding of the arts
  5. Understand that excellence requires perseverance

Our Goals:

  1. Outreach to the community
  2. Offer quality instruction at a competitive price
  3. Provide many forums for artistic development
  4. Strive to maintain an environment of accountability, encouragement, evaluation and friendship.

“My daughters thoroughly enjoyed their lessons this year. Their instructor makes it a lot of fun for them and they both really progressed.”

-BSMA parent