Class Descriptions

Pre Dance

Pre-dance is for our youngest dancers – ages ‘toilet trained’ to kindergarten. Boys and girls alike, enjoy this class where they learn dance technique disguised as dinosaurs and princesses. Through the narrative of dance, students are given the tools and encouragement to explore their world in a new way, both in the relationship to their physical space and the people around them. Movement and music are used by the instructor to engage the students’ imagination, enthusiasm and energy.

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Classical Ballet technique is taught in our levelled, instructional program. Students’ progress year after year; increasing stability, mobility and strength while developing musically and dance quality. In-class practice with the focus of proper body alignment and turnout will nurture the dancers in performers.

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Nurturing growth of athletic artists, Jazz technique is a highly physical dance style where students enjoy a broad spectrum of movement.

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The art of rhythm is completely audible in tap class where you make music with your feet. Students are challenged to master timing, refined movement and quick reflexes. Tap is taught to a large variety of music: from upbeat music, to slow music, or in some cases dancers are challenged to make the beat with their feet without any accompanying music. Primary Tap class is combined with the Primary Jazz class and may be found under Jazz.


Lyrical dance combines Jazz and Ballet technique and focuses on the expression of words and lyrics through the music and movement of the body. Dancers are encouraged to develop their own connection with the lyrics and continue to advance their musicality as they express themselves through the choreography.

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Hip-Hop is a fun and energetic style! Influenced by the evolution of Hip-Hop music and culture, the dance form is about the student’s energy focus being directed to values like originality, creativity, respect, and community. Hip-Hop combines the elements of various dance styles and is constantly evolving, but the core tenants remain the same. Instructors will provide students with age-appropriate expectations, as well as tasteful costumes/music choices. Register for Hip Hop!

Strength & Conditioning/Specialty Classes

Conditioning classes focus on strength, stretch, and aerobic conditioning. These are important factors for everyone’s well-being, but for the dancer/athlete, they are vital for improving capacity and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Dancers at the junior and intermediate level are encouraged to participate in at least one conditioning class per week.
  • Dancers at the senior level are encouraged to participate in at least two conditioning classes per week.
  • Also listed in the conditioning class list is Jumps and Turns – a technique class focused on the mechanics to take your dancer higher and farther!

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