One-on-One Music Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced musician, our one-on-one lessons connect you with teachers who will actively work with you to develop your technique and style.

Music Classes Offered:

*Piano and vocal lessons follow the selected repertoire and coinciding grading specifications that are chosen by the instructor and student at the first lesson. Corresponding music theory is also studied.

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Music instruction includes 35 lessons provided over a 37 week period from Sep 10-14, 2018 to Jun 10-14, 2019. All lessons follow the major breaks (Christmas and March Break) of the school year; however, lessons will continue as usual on PD/Early Release Days. Lessons are provided over an extended week period (ie. 35 weeks over a 37 week period) to provide opportunity for teachers to reschedule cancelled lessons and Monday holidays, along with their scheduled make-up dates. Note: to help all students have the best possible experience, we ask that students arrive on time and stay for the entire lesson.

Strings 2pm-9 pm 2pm-9pm 9am-1pm
Piano 2pm-9pm 2pm-7pm 2pm-9pm 2pm-7pm
Guitar 5pm-9pm 2pm-9pm 2pm-9pm Overflow
Drums  3pm-9pm 3pm-9pm
Vocal 2pm-9pm 3pm-7pm 3pm-9pm Overflow

Lessons are purchased based on the full academic year, unless otherwise arranged.



Class type # of classes Price per class 10 month total Registration fee
 30 min Music Lesson  35  $20.59  $711.90  +$30
 45 min Music Lesson  35  $30.51  $1,059.10  +$30
 60 min Music Lesson  35  $40.43  $1,406.30  +$30
 30 min Violin/Vocal Lesson  35  $22.89  $792.40  +$30
 45 min Violin/Vocal Lesson  35  $33.96  $1,179.85  +$30
 60 min Violin/Vocal Lesson  35  $45.03  $1,567.30  +$30

Fees are calculated weekly and averaged over the school year, resulting in ten equal monthly payments. Payment is due at registration.

Note: additional fees apply for sheet music or recordings as required by the instructor.


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