Drums 101

Basic Concepts (1-2 years). This beginner drum course, tailored to any age, teaches the basics of drum rudiments, rhythms and fills. Reading simple charts and rhythms, and understanding the function of a drummer in a band context is explored. By the end of the year, the student should be able to maintain a basic drumbeat and to play along with basic songs.

Drums 201

Intermediate Concepts (2-3 years). During this intermediate level course, drummers will explore different musical styles to expand their understanding. Lessons will then be applied to individual musical tastes. Ear-training through listening and transcribing will encourage the identification of new rhythms, fills and beats. Advanced coordination with the full kit, together with hand and foot independence will help to explore the basics of soloing, time keeping, detailed fills and more advanced beats.

Drums 301

Advanced Concepts (4-6 years). Musicality and creativity through the study of advanced musical styles are added to advance level rhythms, fills and beats. Coinciding band experience will be an advantage as the drummer’s role in a band will be analyzed. Lesson plans will be customized to the student’s specific musical goals.


Eric Rudling (Drum Instructor) Eric Rudling

Eric has been playing the drums for over 10 years. He has studied jazz at Mohawk College and has years of band experience ranging from rock bands to jazz ensembles. He looks forward to teaching and helping his students develop a passion for the arts.



Nathaniel Rustenburg (Drum Instructor)