Guitar 101

Basic Concepts (1-2 years). At any starting age, this course covers a variety of guitar basics, including strumming techniques and patterns, basic reading of chords, tabs and counting, as well as an introduction to playing sing-note melodies. Upon completion, students should feel comfortable to play a simple song and rhythmically follow a chord chart. Lead/Electric specific – Students will learn the pentatonic scale and its positions up the neck, as well as an introduction to solo playing.

Guitar 201

Intermediate Concepts (2-3 years). Guitarist will advance in rhythmic and complex strumming patterns and begin to incorporate picking techniques. Bar chords, scales and riff playing is introduced, along with ear-training and transcription of songs. The function of guitar in a band is explored. Lead/Electric specific – Blues scales and soloing concepts are introduced. Technique and speed is emphasized through the exploring of major and modal scales.

Guitar 301

Advanced Concepts (4-6 years). This level of lesson plan is customized to the specific musical goals of each individual. Students will increase fluency in all scales in all positions. A thorough comprehension of complex chords, arpeggios, speed techniques and different stylistic approaches, including hybrid picking, finger style and tone, will be developed. Students will understand the role of both rhythmic and lead guitar in a band context.