Our instructors are committed to our mission statement, and understand our model and values.  They are enthusiastic and passionate people who develop relationships with their students, and encourage them to improve their skills and express themselves through their art.

Lorenda Harder received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education in the 1980s from the University of Manitoba, and has since worked as an artist and educator in British Colombia, Manitoba and Ontario, teaching art through private and group lessons, and in various organizations (Parks & Recreation, summer camps, schools). Her approach to teaching art is highly individualized, seeking to draw out personal creativity and develop skills that produce quality, effective and satisfying experiences and art. As an artist, her personal style is that of an expressive naturalist, usually dealing in abstracted, figurative work. Her media is varied, since it is important for her message to match its medium. She is most drawn to natural themes, expressing matters of the heart and the intrinsic beauty of God’s creation. Her aim in art is to cultivate skilled expression through creative applications of the basic elements of art (line, shape/form, colour, value, texture, space/perspective) and the principles of design (pattern, rhythm/movement, proportion/scale, balance, unity, emphasis). To view a sampling of her work and that of her students, visit niagaraartsacademy.blogspot.ca.

Ashley St. Pierre (Vocal, Piano & Visual Arts Instructor) is an emerging artist and musician. In addition to studying at OCAD and The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, St Pierre has recently completed the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College.   At Sheridan College she also taught as a TA in studio art.   She teaches both private and group art lessons.


Lenore Walker brings experience as a Christian Educator, professional artist and Expressive Arts Facilitator to the classroom setting. She creates mixed media artworks and offers art classes and Expressive Arts Facilitation (art therapy) in private practice, art schools, hospices, long-term care facilities and addiction treatment centers. Regarded for her focus on creating a safe, encouraging and welcoming art-making environment, Lenore has taught in a variety of art schools in the Niagara Region and at the acclaimed Southampton Art School in Bruce County for over a decade. Her vibrantly colourful artworks with focus on her spiritual journey are exhibited in local galleries and in the Guelph, ON area. Published in SLMM’s “Visual Journeys” book, Lenore is also a trained and certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. To view her work please visit www.lenorewalker.com or http://fineartamerica.com/artists/lenore+walker.